Sand In the democracies the crate is honorable “

In his speech at the Istanbul Crate of the Presidents meeting, President Erdogan said, Istanbul In the democracies, the polls are worthwhile. The ways and methods of claiming the fund are also clearly stated in both our political tradition and our law. The better we protect the chest, the more we will contribute to the reflection of the will of our nation to the municipal administrations. Sand

President and President of the AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party, Sinan Erdem Sports Hall, Istanbul, where the meeting of the Presidents of the Ballot Box addressed.

Both the magnitude of the Istanbul atmosphere in the hall as well as stating that demonstrate the power of the AK Party President Erdogan in Turkey in the 31 March elections 195 thousand, while in Istanbul about 31 thousand cases of the votes will be used, 10.5 million voters in Istanbul 2 million 215 Thousands of members of the AK Party, he said.


President Erdogan stated that 167 thousand people would vote for the first time in the March 31st election, and that the AK Party formed a board of 9 members, including 3 main groups, 3 women's branches and 3 youth branches in each ballot box. told.

AK Party officials will take place at the beginning of the early hours of the morning polling officials, President Erdogan, the ballot box officials in the ballot box to vote firstly, then the other voters should reach the voiced. President Erdogan said, kazandir Our goal is to ensure that all the voters who support our party are sure to come to the polls, and those who vote for other parties are brought to the AK Party Cumhurbaskani.

President Erdogan emphasized that the current members should invite all voters they have contacted to the AK Party, starting from their relatives. should added.

without exception in all polling stations in Turkey, election board members have the right to appeal to the entire province with 81 and striking the AK Party is the only party President Erdogan, "Separation, no separatism. The only party that embraces. K


President Erdogan emphasized that the candidates and the organization will gather the proceeds of the effort to enter the hearts of the nation.

President Erdogan said that the AK Party would start its struggle for justice in the ballot box and that no justice would be achieved without the establishment of justice in the ballot box. In Turkey, especially the CHP is almost a tradition of trick-i-style politics at the ballot box. In the 1946 elections, the open vote was not contented with the secret classification method, but the results were explained by days later and the ballots were annihilated by annihilating the ballot box. Despite the time after the CHP is still in the same head.

President Erdogan, Turkey's example to the world by pointing out that the electoral system has a transparency of the electoral roll was given to all parties, each party told the chests can track the observer.

Describing the establishment of the Cumhur Alliance, President Erdogan stated on the evening of 31 March that he would give the best response to the zillet and illet alliance against the Presidency of the Republic.


President Erdogan, the AK Party in the electoral studies of the citizens will serve tea, woven bags of hemp from the citizens will convey to the citizens, so that the AK Party's environmentalist approach, exhibited, other parties continue to work with nylon bags, he said.

President Erdogan added that the details of the works to be made until the election will be forwarded to the polling stations through the provincial organization. The ways and methods of claiming the fund are also clearly stated in both our political tradition and our law. It is a situation that we have known since the time when the fascists of the descendants of democracy and freedom on the streets, and the fascists cut from the most place at the polls. The better we protect the chest, the more we will contribute to the reflection of our nation's will to the municipal administrations. Sand

President Erdogan, members of the polling board and observers asked them to be present at their posts at least one hour prior to voting time, underlining that all members of the ballot box board should intervene immediately, all the negativities, injustices and unlawfulness during the voting process and that they should supervise the transfer of voting bags to election boards. .

President Erdogan pointed out that the observers of the ballot box had also fulfilled a critical task, and that when necessary, he recorded the objections in writing, reported the results of the polls to the resultant system, and he had reminded that the duty of delivering the minutes of the signed signature to the district organization belonged to the district authorities.


Expressing the importance of the result system, President Erdogan recalled that he lost the Beyoglu Municipality Presidency in the 1989 local elections to the system.

President Erdogan emphasized that on the election day all the organization should be in a state of vigilance, ir If we fulfill the works right, we will have the honor of the polls. Whatever the will of the ballot is, it is valuable for us. Let us put forth the effort we need to enter the hearts of our nation,.

Istanbul's AKP municipality in where that came to where the old Istanbul and former Turkey's age old to remember those necessarily described standing President Erdogan on the need to "How to trash the streets of this city of mud, were handed over to the pit, how the air is polluted estuary how the swamp transformed, how to leave the water sake must be told one by one "he said.

President Erdogan, who said that they will tell the nation's infrastructure back from education to health, from transportation to housing, will attract this attention to someone who will not fill the gap with their lies, slanders and distortions.

President Erdogan stated that there may be deficiencies in the services made, but those that were made were very important and great. We, in the words of the Master, have pursued the pursuit of being a 'non-bargain Muslim', of working as much as our age, and of being sincere and ecstatic. We believe that our nation will take place with our hearts and votes again in the 31st of March elections. We will bring this great cause to glory, and we will bring it to the goals that will raise it with unity.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey