Russian parliament approves stricter wartime punishments for soldiers

Russian lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation to toughen punishments for soldiers for wartime acts, including desertion and surrender.


Under the amendments endorsed by the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, there will be a 10-year prison sentence for desertion, failure to report for military service, and surrender.


Looting will be punishable by 15 years in prison, while destruction of weapons carries a maximum term of five years.


The amendments also introduce the concepts of mobilization, martial law, wartime, and armed conflict that were previously not mentioned in the Russian Criminal Code.


According to the bill, mobilization, martial law, wartime, and armed conflict will be considered as aggravating circumstances, and entail more severe punishments.


The legislation has to be passed by the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, before it can be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin.


Source: Anadolu Agency