Russia confirms its adherence to the Territorial Integrity of Syria, Iraq and Turkey

AGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Russia confirmed its adherence to its "firm" position to the territorial integrity of Syria, Iraq, and Turkey, pointing out that the prejudice to the unity of these countries will lead to a series of events "with serious consequences."

The Russian News Agency / Interfax/ quoted a spokesman for the Russian presidency Dmitry Peskov as saying in a press statement today that "the territorial integrity of the three countries is a sacred issue, "adding that the Kurds living in Turkey, Syria and Iraq" are citizens in these countries. "

About his country's relations with Turkey, Peskov said, "Moscow is not ready now to establish contacts with Ankara," and that Turkey must take the initiative to normalize relations, "adding that" Turkey sacrificed the typical relations that existed with Russia, referring to the Turkish air force shooting down a Russian fighter what caused the death of its leader last October.

And on the results of the talks between US Secretary of State John Kerry with President Vladimir Putin and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow last Thursday, Peskov said that his country does not riddled with "illusions" about the possibility of a speedy rapprochement between the two countries in tackling terrorism.

He pointed out that the progress lies in the readiness of the American side to discuss the possibility of establishing cooperation against "terrorism" which had been "rejected by the American side two years ago,"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency