Russia: 25% of wheat was exported in the destination of Egypt

In 2015/16 Russian wheat exports totaled 24.65 MMT of wheat, which was 15% more than the record of the previous season 21.4 MMT.

Main tendencies of the finished season were decrease in wheat purchases from Turkey and higher exports to Egypt. Thus, share of Turkey in Russian wheat exports lowered from 20% in 2014/15 to 13% in 2015/16. Along with this share of Egypt grew to 25% against 16% in 2014/15.

Moreover, in 2015/16 Russia increased wheat exports to EU countries to 1 MMT, which was 65% more than in 2014/15 (600 KMT). In 2016/17 we expect recovery in exports to Turkey and further increase in exports to EU.

Source: UkrAgroConsult