Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, met, at his Ministry office on Monday, with French Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, and the accompanying delegation.

"The meeting with Minister Riachy was fruitful," Bocker told reporters following the meeting.

"I have presented a report on the situation of refugees, especially in Lebanon and Turkey. We are at an important stage after Lebanon has reached a certain level of balance; but the big question is that about the future of the country amid the Syrian refugee crisis," he said.

"We discussed this issue with Minister Riachy; Lebanon is the country of coexistence and it can become a model for the Middle East region. Peace in the region gives citizens hope and keeps them away from extremism," he added.

"The number of refugees has doubled and this is a problem; amid the current economic situation, the return of refugees to their country is necessary. The international community cannot remain cross-handed before this crisis that must not last," he underlined.

Separately, Riachy met with former lawmaker Talal Merehbi, with whom he discussed the latest political developments on the local scene.

Riachy later welcomed a delegation of Go 4 Media Training Center.

Source: National News Agency