Retail sales in UK unexpectedly rise 0.3% in July

Retail sales in the UK unexpectedly rose 0.3% after a fall of 0.2% in June, bouncing back from declines in the last three months, official data showed on Friday.

The market expected the figure would be a 0.2% fall.

Sales volumes were 2.3% above their pre-coronavirus levels, but down over the past year, said the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Non-store retailing (predominantly online retailers) sales volumes rose by 4.8% in July 2022 as a range of promotions in July boosted sales.

Automotive fuel sales volumes diminished by 0.9% in the month mainly due to the fact that a heatwave across parts of the UK may have reduced travel and sales.

Non-food stores sales volumes fell by 0.7% over the month because of falls in other non-food stores (negative 1.5%) and clothing stores (negative 1.2%).

Source: Anadolu Agency