Response to claims from KADEM

Women and Democracy Association ( KADEM ) President Dr. Saliha Okur Gumrukcuoglu , "Gender 'homosexuality or gendered implies that we mean by the implication of the mind. We organized through the training and projects we are struggling through an issue to be seen as an entrepreneur or supporter, in the slightest expression is unfairness." said.

Gumuscuoglu, Vice President Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar'in participation in the headquarters of the association by organizing a press conference, social media, especially in different media, and responded to the smear campaign and claims.

Since the establishment of the Association has been subjected to unfair criticism and accusations many times, but each time to avoid being a side of the debate instead of responding to focus on the work of Customs, indicating that resentments, to cause separations, brother, people do not do it to the point of silence, but to the point that the sili He said that they witnessed the perceptions cover the truth.

Gumrukcuoglu, at this point, the unfair accusations attributed to their institutions, members of the heart of KADEM, KADEM'e members of each other in order to build the social order in the territory of the labor and labor of each other as they regard the need to make this statement as disrespectful to all men and women. what he heard.

On the claim that exorbitant rents were paid to the Association building, Gumuscuoglu stated that the building was the property of the KADEM Foundation, that the donations made to the Foundation were purchased from a private person, that it was not allocated from the public, and that the title deed records were open and in the middle.

Gumrukcuoglu, KADEM in general, such as each NGO standing with special donations, the Association's Desk by the Association of expenses, the Foundation's expenses are audited by the General Directorate of Foundations, despite the initiative of independent auditors by the association and the foundation under the supervision of the association and emphasized that "Aln our open face is white. " said.

Another claim is that KADEM is funded by some international foundations. Saliha Okur Gumrukcuoglu, "KADEM has not received funding from any international foundations. Such an application has not made. it is a slander to pretend to have a fund and even to mention the source of KADEM together with the phrase 'Soros'. said.

Stating that they, like all NGOs, are writing projects and trying to finance voluntary social services, in this context, they applied to the grants of the EU programs opened by the Presidency of the European Union affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gumrukcuoglu, open to anyone of these applications, competition-based, accountable, pointing out that evaluation and monitoring stages transparent marching processes, the benefits of the European Union by the politics of women within the scope of resources that are provided to Turkey and the economy times, refugee women recognized the project as integration into society that as a result, they apply to projects that are in line with their own agenda and they manage all the processes themselves, such as the creation of projects, the identification of stakeholders and outputs.

"Our expectation is to establish male-female roles in a way that does not harm one side"

President of KADEM Saliha Okur Gumrukcuoglu pointed out that another issue is a gender issue and expressed a serious confusion in this area.

That gender refers to women and men, not a third sex, and that gender is used in the literature to express the roles and duties imposed by societies and societies on women and men, and that these roles may vary from society to society, and that the distribution of these roles is always fair and Customs did not take place in a way that transfers customs, gender, sometimes with positive, sometimes negative reflections that they face, KADEM, these roles constitute a victim of women or men, even if culturally opposed stressed.

After being raped in some parts of the society, the women who were killed with the motive of cleaning up the alleged honor are examples of this situation.

"Instead of punishing the perpetrator here, paying the price to the victim is a negative manifestation of gender that everyone would agree. We, as KADEM, know a duty to combat such negative consequences. Our expectation here is that gender justice does not harm the role of men and women. I would also like to clarify that the principle that people are equal before the law is a matter where everyone agrees, but since equality simply cannot respond to the differences and riches of women and men from creation, we preferred to define Gender Justice and make this concept more visible in the literature. For example, it is the principle of this principle that a woman who is a mother can allocate time to her child by having the right to flexible working hours. "

"Homosexuality and similar currents are contrary to creation, deviant tendencies."

Stating that the roots of justice between men and women are shaped by the Creator's orders and prohibitions, that the foundations were laid by the Prophet himself and that they believe in them. Therefore, in response to the accusations, I openly reiterate that when we say 'gender', we mean homosexuality or degeneracy. it is injustice. " used the phrase.

Gumrukcuoglu, stating that their positions are very clear here, continued his speech as follows:

it is not a widely accepted argument in the international literature. On the other hand, there is no more powerful concept to express the distribution of roles expected from men and women. For KADEM, gender refers to the different duties and responsibilities imposed by societies on men and women alone. So gender is not homosexuality. "

Addressing the subject of the Istanbul Convention, Gumrukcuoglu said that KADEM was not established in 2011 when the contract was signed and that the claims did not reflect the truth.

Gumrukcuoglu, states that the international conventions, KADEM is not a state institution, stating, "Istanbul Convention is not an alternative, where the alternative part of the struggle against violence with women. This struggle should be carried out by law. It is very normal to act in accordance with the state's law in this field and to report the positive and negative aspects of the legal regulation in practice. " he said.

Violence all over the world, in every age and society, women, men, children, expressing that a problem in all parts of Customs, since the first campaign, "All kinds of violence against everyone," he said.

Law No. 6284

Referring to the alleged agenda for the law numbered 6284 Gumuscuoglu, KADEM'e accused of retaining, "Woman with a sentence of husbands from home, you are washing families." but this law entered into force before the establishment of KADEM said that they do not have any inclusion in this law.

Gumrukcuoglu, there may be cases of abuse in the implementation of the said law, at this point, they share their criticism and suggestions from time to time in their work and meetings, said that they will continue to do their best to prevent these abuses.

One of the most criticized issues here is the decision to express that the Customs Customs, continued his speech as follows:

"This decision is the case where the perpetrator of violence cannot approach the victim. The objection to this measure in the law is the claim that the displaced person will increase the violence further. There are cases that illustrate this, but this is explained by the fact that someone who is exposed to violence has to continue to be subjected to violence by sharing the same environment with the person who beats him. "If we do not say that the Czech law should be annulled because of unrequited checks, it is more important to eliminate the problems in the application or to improve our agenda to discuss the cancellation of 6284."

"The statement of the woman" also touched on the Customs, the search for evidence causes many lives, causing the loss of life, so that the decision of the law numbered 6284 is considered sufficient for the decision to be expressed, "important here, the woman's statement is based only on the violence Again, the evidence is still sought for conviction of the perpetrator, will need to prove again. So, a woman 'my wife beats me' he said no spouse does not go to jail. Only with this statement can not enter, this statement is only an acute measure to remove the victim from the perpetrator. " said.

The said law protects not only women, but also every individual who is exposed to domestic violence, Guccucoglu said that the claim that violence increased with 6284 is an estimate and that there is no healthy data about it.

"Beating to death is a condition that dehumanizes human beings"

President of KADEM Saliha Okur Gumrukcuoglu, KADEM'in allegations about the public spot in the "All men have animals claim to be likened. What is the relationship. Women and men according to our belief in a self-evident. We aim in this public spot very clearly, not all men, violence against women very clearly So this public spot is an analogy made to show how terrible the violence is, and yes, violence to your wife, beating to death is a situation that dehumanizes. That was our focus. o used the phrase.

Gumrukcuoglu, on the other hand, referring to early marriages, families established with the consent of the two sides in the early age is a fact of society was passed.

Men of these families, rapists are not fair to be punished with the same article, the focus of objections at this point, as well as the actual victims of abuse and the possibility of inclusion in the scope of amnesty will be expressed Customs Customs, a new amnesty bill that will completely eliminate the danger and support the work said.

On the other hand, alimony in the men's and women's victims, so that the judiciary to take more initiative, or if they can not get the maximum marriage during the regulation offered a reminder that the Customs Customs, "Green feminists" in the form of a convergence, said that they are positioned according to feminism.

Gumrukcuoglu, on the one hand in a busy atmosphere, while expressing that they have to deal with many unfair accusations, "We are facing a serious inconsistency in this issue. Although KADEM is only an NGO, more or less on many issues entering our field, as if we are the authority in every arrangement made There is an expectation that we should make a continuous statement and intervene in the issues, but on the other hand, those who look at the fields we work with say, 'Why is KADEM everywhere?' "You will also appreciate that both of them talk about us at the same time, which is far from fair." found.

Dr. Gumrukcuoglu completed his words as follows:

"While there is no justification, there is an attempt to create a climate of chaos. Artificial agendas are created for women and men. KADEM has adopted a style that does not evaluate the relationship between men and women based on conflict. While we struggle for what we believe in, we are open to talk with sincere, deliberate people as before and after.

Source: Anadolu Agency