Refugees from Raqqah want to return to their homeland

Syrians who fled YPG/PKK's terrorist activities in Tal Abyad district of Raqqah in Syria and took refuge in Turkey want to return to their homeland.

Inhabitants in Tal Abyad, whose houses were forcibly evacuated, had to take refuge in Turkey's southeastern province of Sanliurfa's Akcakale district and they are now expecting Turkey's support to clear their district of the terrorists.

Shair Radeyni, who came to Akcakale three years ago, told Anadolu Agency that the terrorist group deported mostly Sunni Arabs.

Turkey was the only country standing by Syrians, he said.

Ahmet Seyh Ahmet, another Syrian, accused the YPG/PKK terrorists of planting hashish in the locals' fields and selling drugs.

They are forcibly recruiting children of 1112 years of age to fight in their ranks, Ahmet added.

Our house is 200 meters away, every morning I come and look at my house and field from the border, he said.

We want to return to our lands, he said, adding: We want help from Turkey, our only supporter on this issue.

Omer Dede, vicepresident of the Syrian Arab and Turkmen Tribes Association, said only Turkey can clear Tal Abyad of the terrorists.

We are looking forward to returning to our lands of our ancestors, he said.

We rely on Turkey, I hope that they will save us from the oppression of these traitors, he added.

Source: Anadolu Agency