Qatar: Cutting defense ties with Turkey illegal


Qatar's Ambassador to Ankara, said Saturday, cutting that country's defense ties with Turkey is an 'obvious intervention of internal affairs'.

This is against all international law and norms" said Salem bin Mubarak Al-Shafi in a written statement about the demand to close the Turkish base.

The closure of this base and demanding that our defense relations with Turkey be interrupted would be an obvious intervention of our internal affairs, infringement of our sovereignty rights, and the assumption of tutelage over us, he said.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar in June, and imposed a sea and land blockade while accusing Doha of supporting terrorism.

The four states presented a list of demands to Qatar to end the blockade, including the closures of the Al Jazeera television network and their Turkish base in Doha. The group threatened additional sanctions if the demands were not met.

Doha denies the accusation of terrorism and contends the blockade is a violation of international law.

Al-Shafi said, "The Qatar State is an active member in all platforms for combating terrorism politically, financially, and in military. The same goes for the international coalition led by the US in the fight against Daesh.

About the blockade, he said, "We can not enter into dialogue on our sovereignty, our independence, and anything that touches our free decision.

The majority of the international community and world countries, including the major countries (USA, Germany, France, England, Russia etc.), have rejected the unlawful so-called practice of the UAE against Qatari state"

Source: Anadolu Agency