Presidential Spokesman Kal?n: “Within the framework of our national interests, we aim to develop comprehensive relations with everyone on the basis of mutual respect and interest relationship herkes

We aim to develop comprehensive relations based on mutual respect and interest relations with everyone within the framework of our own national interests and we take security as a whole in this framework, Kal said Kalin, Presidential Spokesman.

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, Presidential Cabinet Meeting held a press conference on the agenda, made statements on the developments.

During the meeting, which was shared live with the public, Presidential Spokesman Kalin said: Mr. President firstly highlighted important points about the Presidential system to provide better service to our citizens. They pointed out the importance of the steps taken by the relevant ministries and institutions to meet the expectations of our citizens.


In addition, it has been underlined that our operations continue to take measures against certain operations and speculative movements that we face from time to time especially in the economic field. They underlined that both our institutions and the private sector continue to work in coordination under the pressure environment, especially in exchange rate, interest rate and inflation triangle.

Of course, relations with the S-400, F-35 and the US, which is also related to this economy but also related to the political framework in general, came up here, and I will pronounce a few sentences about it in a little while.

However, it was also the instructions of the President of the Republic of Turkey in order to increase the activities in the defense industry against such operations and in production areas with high technology contribution. In this regard, especially the steps and measures to increase our export power will continue to be determined decisively.

Similarly, the coordination between our institutions on the fight against terrorism and ensuring the internal and external security of our country was handled extensively. As you know, our struggle against PKK terrorist organization continues in every field. Not only in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, like Iraq where this organization, our struggle in other places such as Syria continues in a stable manner. With the cooperation of our Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Interior, National Intelligence Organization, gendarmerie and all other related security units, we continue to get serious results in the field.

Taking into account the dynamics of the local elections that will now be held on 23 June, especially the local elections held on March 31, the terrorist organization will try to take some steps to blur the area, taking into account that the terrorist activities and attacks can be attempted, our units are following these processes in case of vigilance.


Yine Sayin Cumhurbaskanimiz takdim konusmalarinda Suriye'den kaynaklanan guvenlik sorunlarina da isaret ettiler. Ozellikle Idlib'de yasanan gelismelerin bizim icin bir endise kaynagi olmaya devam ettiginin altini cizdik. Rejimin kasitli olarak Turkiye'yi tahrik etmek ve bAllgede alan kazanmak amaciyla yaptigi saldirilara son verilmesi konusunda da ilgili birimlerimiz yetkilendirilmis durumdadir, Alzellikle Rusya'yla bu konuda temaslar kuruldu, gAlrusmeler devam ediyor. Gerek Idlib'de gerek Tel Rifat'ta gerekse Firat'in dogusunda bu guvenlik alaninin saglanmasi ve ulkemize dAlnuk herhangi bir tehdidin ortaya cikmamasi icin bundan sonra da gerekli adimlar atilmaya devam edecektir.


Likewise, the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East in the foreign policy perspective were on the agenda of the Council of Ministers. Here, of course, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also had presentations on their own issues as usual.

Of course, one of the important agenda items of this Cabinet Meeting is the developments especially around us. I know recently that there are some discussions going on within the framework of the letter written by the US Department of Foreign Defense to our Ministry of Defense.

We want first to draw these gold: Regional and global uncertainty, the chaos and tension environment, these environments across encourage political approaches, Turkey, peace, stability, pursues a foreign policy of peace and is in the mutual respect of the center. As we take our steps, we follow a foreign policy based on our national interests in a world where everything is intertwined and all dynamics affect each other, so we look at world events from a 360-degree perspective. Therefore, our relations with the European Union in general terms with Europe, the United States of America and other global actors such as Russia, China, Middle Eastern countries, Islamic countries, Africa, Far East, Asia and Latin America are not based on a zero-sum foreign policy perspective. Just the opposite, we have never seen one relationship block as an alternative to another. The good relations we have with Europe and America, that is, in the context of the Transatlantic alliance, do not constitute any obstacle to our relations with Russia, China or the Middle East, Africa. In the same way, our engagement in these regions, our new expansions do not have to cast a shadow on the relations we have with America, Europe or other regions. But still foreign policy and the world of zero-sum such from time to time in trying to read from a perspective speculative news making in Turkey are trying to open a debate on the status of NATO, Turkey is claiming that tend to come out other areas of the traditional alliance system.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey