Pervaiz slams Imran’s baseless allegations against Dar, NAB

Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Tuesday said that Imran Khan has once again levelled baseless allegations on NAB and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar sans any investigation or inquiry.

In a statement, he said Chief of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan was in the habit of issuing irresponsible statements and changing his views after somersaults.

He said the son of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had filed Rs 5 billion defamation suit against Imran Khan. But he was not responding to the notices issued by the court thrice.

"If Imran Khan has any proof against the son of Ishaq Dar, he should have presented it in the court. Imran Khan was persistently trying to occupy power by adopting undemocratic ways.

But he badly failed in his misadventures." He said the case against Ishaq Dar was based on an anonymous complaint. The case was kept pending for a long time and kept alive to serve political designs. Moreover, anonymous complaints have no legal value, so it was closed by NAB as per law.

He said the issue is being made controversial instead of raising question about the intentions of the people, who instituted cases against politicians and get political benefit out of it. Some elements were trying to make NAB decision controversial but such efforts would prove futile and worthless.

He said Ishaq Dar had made it clear several times that his assets details were regularly provided to Federal Board of Revenue and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Therefore, there was no doubt about the asset details. According to media reports, he said the investigative officers had time and again recommended the closure of cases against Ishaq Dar during the tenures of various chairmen of National Accountability Bureau (NAB). No evidence was presented against Ishaq Dar during last 15 years, but the case was kept pending.

He said NAB has finalized several cases including the issue of donations of PTI member Tariq Shafi. Imran Khan has uttered not a single word on the issue. How Imran will justify his double standards.

Imran should have demanded initiating legal action against the responsible officers of NAB, who instituted wrong cases to serve political motives but Imran Khan has used the issue to fulfill his incomplete desires.

He said Turkish people would have punished Imran Khan on such habits, if he was in Turkey. Imran Khan has no public following in the country. He wanted to get public sympathies by levelling baseless allegations.

He said the people have recognized the true face of Imran Khan and his low mentality.

Source: Info Pak