Having produced Turkey's first electromagnetic anti-drone weapon, technology firm Harp Arge (R&D) has developed a new model for the international market, Turkey's Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

Harp Arge General Coordinator Aytekin Guclu told Anadolu Agency on Thursday they have launched a marketing study partnership with Turkey's Koza Construction and Defence Industry after receiving heavy demand from abroad.

Guclu said Koza Construction and Defence Industry actively markets anti-drone weapons to Middle Eastern and African countries.

"We have done demo studies in related countries and we received successful feedback," he said.

Guclu also said a defence fair to be held in Bahrain in October would allow them to meet potential customers.

The first exports of the weapon were made to Azerbaijan after the country's army tested it. This anti-drone weapon is currently in use by the Turkish military and police.

Harp Arge focuses on meeting the Turkish military's need for unmanned systems, electronic warfare and robotics.

The new model's main body is made from a carbon fiber composite which is a durable and lightweight material.

A 22-millimetre picatinny bracket system, which is a world standard, is on all sides of the weapon so it can be customised.

The picatinny bracket allows the user to add accessories. Thanks to this system, a scope or red dot sight can be easily added to a rifle.

A foldable rifle butt and handgrip were added for easy carrying. In addition the anti-drone weapon's battery life has been boosted to 90 minutes

Source: NAM News Network