Number of Turkish firms in Serbia triples in 2 years

The number of Turkish companies operating in Serbia more than tripled in the last two years thanks to the efforts of business groups in both countries, Anadolu Agency was told on Friday.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Aleksandar Medjedovic, head of DEIK's Turkey-Serbia Business Council, said bilateral relations between Serbia and Turkey had improved to reach a very good level over the last decade.

The number of Turkish firms operating in Serbia which was 136 in 2015 [but this] more than tripled to 454 by February, Medjedovic said, stressing how Turkish firms had significantly boosted investments to the Balkan country in recent times.

Improving trade relations between the countries was also reflected in bilateral trade volume as both exports and imports saw substantial increases in the last 10 years.

Recalling how there were no Turkish investments in Serbia in 2007 -- the year which saw the start of flights by Turkish Airlines to Belgrade -- Medjedovic said the authorities of both countries and DEIK had exerted substantial efforts to improve relations.

There are neighboring markets such as Bulgaria, Bosna-Herzegovina and Romania. Proximity to the EU market is very important. Serbia is suitable place for Turkish entrepreneurs' business mentality. Medjedovic said.

Exports to Serbia rose to $582 million last year from $278 million in 2006 and imports to $288 million from $49 million in the same time period, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Reproting by Ugur Aslanhan and Eda Topcu; Writing by Fatih Erkan Dogan

Source: Anadolu Agency