No toilet setup at Armenian cemetery: Turkish official


Turkish Parliament's Human Rights Commission head denied allegations on Wednesday that toilets had been constructed at an Armenian cemetery.

Mustafa Yeneroglu, a lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, called the allegations a bid by the separatist terrorist organization [PKK] aimed at manipulating the international perception and inciting the Armenian people.

In a statement, he said: The artificial claims targets Turkey's international reputation as well as our peace and unity.

He said that the mentioned site of newly-opened public beach at Edremit district in eastern Van province already had a primary school, lodgings and toilets -- all of which were closed until recently.

"These areas have been cleaned and opened to service to contribute to the city's social life. So, 'any new construction' as claimed by some media outlets is out of question."

Yeneroglu also refuted the allegations that buried bones had scattered across the area when the beach was opened for public this July, as the cemetery in the region had already been moved in the past

Source: Anadolu Agency