New ski resort in central Turkey attracts many tourists

One of the newest ski resorts in central Turkey is attracting a large number visitors after the area saw around 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) of snowfall.

The Yildiz Mountain skiing center, which is located in the north of Sivas province, has a variety of tracks with different slopes and latitude. It has been operating since 2014, and gives visitors opportunities of water sports and summer activities as well.

The number of visitors, mostly locals, was around 50,000 last year. Turkish citizens from Europe are also attracted to the center, Murat Canaklitas from the skiing center told Anadolu Agency.

So far, we have hosted 2,500 visitors. We expect to reach over 100,000 visitors but it also depends on the average snowfall this year, Canaklitas said.

The resort has facilities, including ice skating, ski chute, beginner's tracks and moving walkway.

As part of summer activities, diving in the lake, jet skiing, boating and hand-line fishing are among water sports.

The center also has other facilities such as trekking, mountaineering, camping, biking, kiting for children and paragliding in summertime.

Skiers have an opportunity to enjoy skiing from an altitude of 2,550 meters depending on levels of difficulties.

Source: Anadolu Agency