Nasrallah: No red lines in next war if hostility staged on Lebanon

Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday ruled out any Israeli aggression against Lebanon , "at least in the near future," warning that any hostility will drive Hezbollah into a war where there will be no red lines.

"For the past decades, the Israeli enemy received Arab and international guarantees. This is way they built nuclear plants, reactors, warehouses, and research centres, in cities and their vicinities. We have the right to bomb these targets if we are bombed; we have full maps of those sites and there coordinates," Nasrallah told an interview on pan-Arab al-Mayadeen channel.

"The Israeli enemy is well aware that the cost of any war on Lebanon is very expensive," he said. "The resistance's presence and utter readiness brought the enemy into realizing this cost."

"We can target any spot in Occupied Palestine according to the [sites'] list we have," he stressed.

"We do not submit any guarantee to the enemy. We want to protect our country and confront the Israeli haughtiness in the event of any hostility against Lebanon," he corroborated, refusing to reveal the types of weaponry the Resistance owns.

"I believe that the Israeli enemy will not stage any war on Lebanon without the American green light," he reckoned, depicting any war as an "adventure."

Moreover, Nasrallah shone light on the repeated Israeli violations of Lebanon's airspace, questioning the official silence over what he deemed as jeopardizing to national sovereignty and security.

"The Resistance is ready to find a solution to this ordeal because the country is exposed by the UAVs," he proposed.

Renewing calls to gear up the Lebanese army, he made it clear that the military was not allowed to own any weapon that would deter the enemy.

"Only an idiot would lead a war on Lebanon," he underlined.

Furthermore, Nasrallah denied that Russia was part of the Resistance axis, explaining that when it comes to Syria, Hezbollah, Russia, and Iran are on the same front.

He went on to say that Moscow's decision to intervene in Syria was no surprise to them, and that the interference only came after a Russian jet was downed by Turkey.

"The Russian force in Syria is more than required () there no change in Russia's political position," he said.

Nasrallah, who confirmed Russia's fresh pullback was not a matter of concern for them, did not fail to maintain that Hezbollah's fight in Syria would not veer them off the Israeli enemy.

Source: National News Agency