Mauritania dissenting ex-senator faces corruption probe

NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania

Prominent former senator and senior opposition figure Mohamed Ould Ghada, who was arrested last week, will face a corruption probe, the Public Prosecutor's Office announced in capital Nouakchott Friday.

Ould Ghada is a member of coalition of opposition parties -- the National Forum for Democracy and Unity -- and is considered as one of the most vocal politicians criticizing the government and President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

On Aug. 10, security authorities reportedly prevented Ghada from crossing the southern borders into Senegal and formally arrested him on his return to Nouakchott.

Last week, the government announced that following the controversial Aug. 15 referendum, the Senate had been abolished.

The referendum had called for several constitutional changes such as abolishing the High Court of Justice; establishing a system of regional administrative councils; adopting a proportional system in national elections; changing Mauritania's national flag; and instituting a unicameral -- rather than bicameral -- parliament.

In a statement Friday, the prosecutor's office said it had obtained corroborated information that several people planned corruption under "an organized structure aimed at destabilizing the general peace".

Source: Anadolu Agency