Lebanese Press Review for August 13, 2016

Press headlines for August 13, 2016, are as follows:



Berri: WE won't allow vacuum in Army command position

"Maarab agreement" parties warm up efforts to unify their rapprochement on electoral law



Salute to those who defeated Israel... Lebanon triumphs in them



Syrian regime responds by dozen raids

Russia admits that one of its soldiers killed in Syria

Rebels cut off Assad's last supply route to Aleppo



U.S.A fights Hizbullah via sectarian congestion



Future hawks against Aoun or against Hariri?

Lebanese conference in Sharm El-Sheikh under Sissi's patronage



Search begins for another presidential candidate

Syria's Manbij completely cleared of Daesh

Turkey seeks 32 fugitive diplomats in post-coup probe

South Sudan rejects U.N. contingent to secure peace in capital

Anti-Americanism surges in Turkey after coup

Namatallah Hashem elected head of the Maronite order

Source: National News Agency