JoneR Pro, the world’s first tour guide-enabled WiFi translator, highlighted at 2019 CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The new-generation artificial intelligence (AI) voice translator, JoneR Pro, drew wide attention during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. JoneR Pro, jointly developed by China-based AI firm Beijing Babel Technology and Tsinghua University, is the world’s first tour guide-enabled WiFi translator.

In addition to the TZ deep learning algorithm, TZ neural network algorithm and 4-mic Dsmart noise reduction technology, JoneR Pro comes equipped with a large 4-inch touch screen and a 4200mhA battery, providing an all-in-one solution for users while abroad who need language translation, global internet access and audio guides for travel destinations.

JoneR Pro supports translation between 53 language pairs, including Chinese and a long list of languages, as well as two-way translation between several of the languages and 73 regional accents. In addition, the device provides offline two-way translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, French and Russian.

JoneR Pro also enables translation of text captured by the camera in 15 languages, including optical character recognition (OCR) of Japanese in vertical script, supported an exclusive flashlight feature enabling reading of text at night or in dark environments.

With a built-in global internet access module, the translator can make its network available to smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices through its hotspot. JoneR Pro can also serve as an AI tour guide, voice assistant, object recognition device, GPS and payment tool.

Beijing Babel Technology’s first screen-equipped AI translator became an eye-catcher during the 2018 CES. Since release of JoneR Pro at the beginning of this year, 99% of users have expressed satisfaction with the device.

JoneR Pro is an ideal AI travel assistant, providing a better experience for travelers when abroad with easy-to-use commerce, transportation, accommodation, dining, travel, shopping, entertainment, learning and socializing functionalities. JoneR Pro is available for sale at Tmall and Amazon.

Beijing Babel Technology is committed to empowering smooth communication worldwide via constant updates of JoneR Pro.