Italian foreign minister says new Afghan government unlikely to be recognized

Italy’s foreign minister said Saturday that it is unlikely that the government that will be formed by the Taliban in Afghanistan will be recognized.

Luigi Di Maio remarks came as he participated in an event of the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper via video link from Qatar.

Saying that he does not think the Afghan government will be recognized, he noted that there is a need for an inclusive government, including Tajik components, Panjshir and other parties.

Afghanistan should not be a place where terrorists can move freely, he said.

Stating that Italy will continue to support the Afghan people, he said the UN and its agencies should ensure that they can reach civilians in Afghanistan with humanitarian aid.

Pointing out that there is not enough security to reopen embassies in Kabul, Di Maio said there is an increased likelihood that Italy's Embassy in Kabul will serve from Qatar's capital, Doha, as other Western countries have done.

Regarding the idea of an "EU army," which is a subject of discussion within the bloc, he said Italy is in favor of the establishment of a European army and he indicated that the issue of a European defense mechanism should have been addressed much earlier.

Source: Anadolu Agency