KUALA LUMPUR, -- The 13th Islamic Summit Conference to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from April 12-15, is set to focus on the Palestinian cause, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said in a statement.

The summit is expected to issue a resolution on the matter, setting priorities of political action at international fora to defend the Palestinian rights and confirm the OIC's full support of the Palestinian cause.

It will express support for international efforts to relaunch a collective political process, according to specific timetable, with a view to end the Israeli occupation.

The summit will also discuss endorsing an international peace conference to end Israeli occupation, supporting the Ministerial Contact Group on Al-Quds Al-Sharif and adopting the Strategic Plan for the Development of Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

During the meeting, current situation in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, Jammu and Kashmir, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Armenia's aggressions on Azerbaijan, as well as other member states afflicted by conflicts and unstable security situations will also be discussed.

The meeting will also consider the situation of Muslim communities in non-OIC member states and combating terrorism.

Special sessions will also be held on the issues of sustainable development, and promotion of scientific cooperation among OIC members in the areas of health, higher education and environment, promotion of cultural, social media cooperation, humanitarian situation, poverty eradication and infrastructure development.

The summit is expected to adopt the new ten-year programme of action OIC-2025.

The programme constituted strategic vision addressing: peace and security, terrorism and extremism, humanitarian work, human rights, development, poverty alleviation, eradication of epidermics, the rights of women, children and the family in the Islamic world, higher education, science and technology, and cultural exchange among OIC member states.

A special session, with the theme "First Ladies' Leadership on Cancer Control in OIC Member States" will be held on the sideline of the Islamic Summit, the OIC said.

Meanwhile, preparatory meetings for the summit were held in Istanbul on Sunday and Monday where senior officials met to discuss the summit's draft agenda and work programme as well as the draft final communique.

Founded in 1969, the 57-member state organisation is the collective voice of the Muslim world and works to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony.

Source: Name News Network