Israel targets Palestinian boy who lost his parents, brother, legs in airstrikes

Ahmad Shabat, a 3-year-old Palestinian boy calls for his mother who used to soothe his pain as he has been hospitalized at the Suhada Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza Strip. Despite fleeing northern Gaza to the south, it is the third time that Ahmad has been targeted by Israeli airstrikes since the outbreak of the war on the Strip on Oct. 7. Ahmad has not yet realized that he lost his parents and brother in an Israeli airstrike that targeted his home in Beit Hanoun in the far north of the Gaza Strip on the first day of the war. "After he was targeted for the first time, we were informed that Ahmad was injured and he is in the Indonesian Hospital. After his recovery, we took him to the city of Sheikh Radwan in the northern Gaza Strip,'' said his uncle, Ibrahim Abu Amsha. "While we were in Sheikh Radwan, Ahmad was targeted by another Israeli airstrike, and he suffered a minor injury,'' said Abu Amsha. "Due to our concern for the children, we moved to the city of Nusairat in the southern Ga za Strip. There, Ahmad was also targeted for the third time, and this time he lost his legs." - He was targeted in the so-called 'safe south of Gaza' ''Ahmad was targeted in a location that Israel declared safe in the southern Gaza Strip in Nusairat,'' said Abu Amsha. The Israeli airstrike hit the gate of a UN school which is considered a 'shelter, and whoever enters it is safe,'' he said. Low Spirits Faced with Ahmad's losses and difficult health conditions, his uncle appealed to the international community to assist the child in his treatment journey. Abu Amsha emphasized the need to provide "psychological support" for Ahmad for what he has in front of him following the scourge of indiscriminate bombings. Source: Anadolu Agency