GHS Upgrade Service, 30-day Free Replacement and Return

BEIJING, Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, China’s leading all media retail platform, GHS officially announced to upgrade the service, introducing 30 days free replacement and return service. This means the service standards of GHS will not only exceed the national “Three Guarantees” regulations, but also to bring more guarantee to domestic consumers.

GHS Upgrade Service, 30-day Free Replacement and Return

“With high quality products, we do not worry about the rate of return and replacement”

“We provide consumers with branded products, quality itself is guaranteed, and at the same time, we have stringent quality inspection before sale.” GHS after-sales service director said.

According to reports, GHS has formed a mature and stable quality inspection procedures for consumers to guarantee quality. GHS customer service service director said, most reason of customers to return or replace is that they don’t like the goods, rather than the quality of the goods, so we do not worry about the return and replacement rate, but we hope that consumers can make the comparison with the similar products on the market. With 30 days free return and replacement, if you really do not like it, you can return it in time.”

“Creating extra value for consumers, the trust relationship will last longer”

For GHS 30 days free return and replacement service, people have different reactions. People who have long been engaged in B2C operations believe GHS has raised the threshold of competition and may shift the focus of competition to services. Most consumers expressed support, and some believe this is the conscience of the industry, the real “regret medicine “.

However, there are consumers who are unsure how to deal with the return goods. GHS customer service director said, all returned goods will be marked as defective storage depot, “30 days of free return and replacement, the highest cost is in logistics and distribution link, if we use old goods as new goods, it will cause circulation return, which lead to increasingly high cost, and the consumer experience is getting worse, we won’t allow this to happen.”

“We provide consumers with good products, in fact we provide a better lifestyle”. “At the same time, we offer high standard service for 30 days free return and replacement, which is creating additional value for them,” said the director of GHS after-sales service. We believe that this trust relationship will last longer.”

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