GenieATM Chosen by a Tier-1 Service Provider in Europe for DDoS Attack Mitigation

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Genie Networks, a technology leader in traffic visibility and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, today announced a world-class telecommunications service provider in Europe has chosen Genie Networks’ GenieATM solution to strengthen its network security.

Several powerful DDoS cyberattacks were reported in Europe recently. The attacks caused not only websites and servers to become paralyzed but also noticeable effects on the regional Internet speed. Businesses and end users tend to hold their service providers responsible for it. So the striking rise in the frequency and size of DDoS attacks drove a top telecom in Europe to look for an effective solution to address the pressing DDoS challenge. After a careful and lengthy evaluation, the joint solution of Genie Networks and its technology partner was chosen for its robust features and ability in mitigating massive DDoS attacks.

The GenieATM deployment at the tier-1 telecom continuously monitors the network and detects network anomalies. Upon detection, GenieATM automatically triggers on-demand traffic scrubbing by diverting the anomaly traffic to a DDoS scrubbing platform provided by a Genie’s technology partner. The scrubbing platform then filters malicious traffic from the off-ramped traffic, and re-injects the cleaned traffic back to the original destinations. In this way, the attacks are mitigated with application layer precision with minimum impact to the legitimate user traffic, because only the suspicious traffic identified by GenieATM is rerouted. The detection and cleaning details are correlated and presented through GenieATM’s Web GUI, allowing a range of actions including initiating/stopping a mitigation action manually or performing real-time troubleshooting and incident forensics.

Upon deployment of the joint GenieATM and the US-based cleaning system technologies, the tier-1 operator was able to monitor, detect, mitigate and trace back attacks. Key benefits provided by this joint solution include superior cost-performance, multi-vector protection from volumetric to application DDoS attacks, elimination of in-line scrubbing risks, comprehensive traffic analysis and Managed Security Service (MSS) enabling.

“We are honored that the European tier-1 telecom chose GenieATM to protect its network backbone from the DDoS attacks,” said Denis, CEO of Genie Networks. “By implementing the joint solution of Genie and our DDoS cleaning partner for the large scale network infrastructure protection, our telecom customer can focus on growing its quality and reliable networking services alongside its customer base.”