Fulfil Enterprise’s Social Responsibility, the Brand Kerui Gains High Overseas Reputation

LIMA, Peru, Aug. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On July 12, 2017, Peru Branch of Kerui Petroleum launched a public donation called ” Whole-heartedness”, with the help of Peruvian Cancer Foundation. All funds raised will be used for poor cancer patients.

It’s known that this public welfare activity has a history of 34 years. The donation is used to pay   the treatment expenses of cancer patients and to buy relative medical equipments. In addition, the foundation has established scholarships to subsidize medical students and experts to do the cancer research.

Localization of the operation is an important aspect of social responsibility for China’s multinational enterprises. It’s not only related to the success and failure of their overseas business, but also related to the host country’s sustainable development of economy, society and environment. Since 2011, Kerui arrived in Peru, it has established a solid foundation in the country through the reliable quality and good service, in turn delivering wide acclaim from the local government and community. As the general manager of Peru Branch, Zhao Wei said, “Kerui does business in Peru and feels very close to Peru as an important partner. We can’t expand our business in this country without the support of the local government and community. We will continue to do our best, just as we are doing in China, to help the Peruvian community when needed, with our love and strength.”

“Without knowing each other near and far, thousands of miles apart.” Over the past six years, Peru Branch of Kerui Petroleum has played an active role in local social welfare and education. When Peru was stroke by floods in March, Kerui made donations to fund post-disaster reconstruction, which won praise from Peruvian government and the Chinese embassy.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” said Nancy Ann Lange, First Lady of Peru. “We are grateful for the assistance from Chinese companies to the Peruvian people in disaster-stricken areas.”

China and Peru have built a close relationship through mutual beneficial cooperation over the 45 years since they established diplomatic relation. The increasingly close relationship between two countries benefits bilateral people. In 2016, Chinese leader introduced the concept of “building a Sino-Latin American community of common destiny” in a congressional speech in Peru, which received wide recognition across Latin America and the international community.

Kerui Petroleum now has subsidiaries and offices in 57 countries and regions around the world. As a flagship of Chinese petroleum equipment company which aims to expand overseas markets, Kerui Petroleum is committed to undertake more social responsibilities in above local countries. Under the motto of openness and responsibility, Kerui Petroleum looks forward to cooperating with governments and business partners all around the world to build a community of common destiny through win-win cooperation, and jointly create a better future!