Foreign Minister Cavuso?glu: Yesterday’s agreement can be described as a very good start

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu u , covered 11 Ambassadors' Conference, held a press conference at a hotel in Ankara.

'Safe Zone' negotiations with US completed

north of Syria for the safe zone facility Cavusoglu in the assessment relating to the agreement with the United States, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the instructions on this issue, US President Donald Trump's calling Erdogan said he told US would withdraw here.

Cavusoglu, the task force created at this stage and the Syrian Working Group with the United States trying to coordinate the process of withdrawal and after recording the reciprocal positions of the US side of the documents describing each other told.

Pointing out that they carry out technical studies at the military level, Cavusoglu said that a consensus was reached yesterday on determining a framework as a result.

Cavusoglu, "Yesterday's agreement can be described as a very good start." In particular, he emphasized the importance of establishing a joint operations center for the decisions to be taken in relation to the next steps and details.

"YPG / PYD and PKK should be completely cleared from the region"

Cavusoglu underlined that they will make a decision with the US side about the details with the participation of related institutions and said:

"Our goal is the creation of a safe zone. YPG in this region / PYD and the PKK must be thoroughly cleaned. They are all one. Cleaning them all. Here move Turkey's partnership with the US on security first, and then to stabilize the place, manbij roadmap is in as important. There is also Syria's refugees and humanitarian dimensions of such reversal forced to migrate from various regions of Turkey. "

Emphasizing that this is a comprehensive study, Cavusoglu, "This work will turn into Munbic road map, we will not allow to enter the distraction process." said.

Cavusoglu, the other alternative is to make the operation alone, noting that "this is a good start to the best way to finalize what is needed to Mr. President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) will continue to do with the leadership and instructions." said.

"Re-Asia" stands for

In his speech, he pointed out that Turkey is a country that combines Cavusoglu, Europe and Asia, Turkey's geographical position, role and activities undertaken by the East emphasized that undertake the task of bridge between the West.

Cavusoglu, currently Asia's brought that center of the world economy begins to attract attention in many dimensions stated that Turkey's relations with Asia want to move forward.

Ministers Cavusoglu, Turkey's "Re-Asia" initiative of underlining that no axis shift "Some intellectuals who that Turkey has turned to Asia, say that the West neglected. This is very wrong." found.

"We came to the final stage in the Constitutional Committee in Syria"

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Syria to find a solution to the crisis, said they came to the final stage on the establishment of the Constitutional Committee "At the moment he is our objection on a name. It does need Russia to be replaced. The next process in Russia, Turkey and come together as Iran's foreign ministers that We want to explain. " said.

Cavusoglu of Turkey pointed out that the successful Asian politics so far, on the other hand, thanks to the comprehensive African expansion, he said Turkey's return to the continent of partnership relations policy.

Cavusoglu also Turkey's "Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative" was also stressed the necessity expressed by everyone to be a success story.

Turkey's Asia policy is so far missing striking Cavusoglu, "our relationship with them in considering the differences with Asian countries and regional organizations with a holistic approach we want to take too much going forward." said.

Cavusoglu, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, they could not ignore Asia in line with targets set by the economy, he said: "Re-Asian" he said of the initiative would be comprehensive and holistic.

Minister Cavusoglu, the scope of this expansion, education and defense industry outside the economy will host the areas, he said.

Turkey's "Re-Asia" which underlines the negative remarks coming from outside the opening Cavusoglu, said that the positive response came from the inside as well.

Cavusoglu said that Turkey is wrong with this angle of perception will neglect the West, "especially in Europe, and is very valuable to us, but to Europeans and Asians in Asia have also been very valuable to us." used.

Minister Cavusoglu, in the future of digital diplomacy will also open the field said.

Referring to the abolition of visas for Turkish citizens of Azerbaijan, Cavusoglu said, "It was very meaningful for Azerbaijan to abolish visas for our citizens." used.

The subject of the Constitutional Committee

Cavusoglu, Turkey, Russia and Iran made with the participation of leaders of the planned trilateral summit on a question about the summit in Turkey's host said he expected to occur on 11 September.

"We have benefited a lot from this cooperation we started with the Astana process." Cavusoglu, both at the field and on the table, stressed the importance of this process in issues such as the stopping of conflicts.

Cavusoglu, said he finally did his best to stop the aggression of the regime in Turkey in Idlib was continued as follows:

"This will be tripartite summit timely in terms of assess where we came last and will be an important meeting. I told you we come to the last stage on the establishment of the Constitutional Commission. Currently he is our objection on a name. It does need Russia to be replaced. The next process in Russia, Turkey and Iran as foreign ministers, we want to come together and explain this. "

After the establishment of the Constitutional Committee of Turkey, Russia, Germany and France in stating that they agreed at the G20 meeting in Japan to make four-party summit Cavusoglu, "Mr. President has held talks with both Merkel and both Macron with both Putin. Constitutional Commission in accordance with this call is established and After the triple summit, we will also plan the triple summit. " said.

Source: Anadolu Agency