“For 40 years, we have been rushing to build and revitalize our cities day and night”

In his speech at the AK Party Corum rally, President Erdogan said, ler We have been in politics for 40 years. 40 years day and night to remove Turkey on their feet, running around the city and to renew our development, we sweat, "he said.

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 31 March Local Administration Elections campaign within the scope of the AK Party in the meeting held at Corum Abide Square addressed to citizens.

President Erdogan, who started his speech by saying ler Honey flowing from his lips, admiring the ones who see him, greeting all my Corum's brothers and sisters, ak said he congratulated all the leaders of Corum as spiritual leaders.

President Corumlu July 15, his friend Erol Olcok'u and his son, Abdullah Tayyip'a tribute to the Prophet Erdogan as well as mercy to the President, who died in the helicopter crash in Istanbul CekmekAly yesterday, the martyrs who died in the helicopter gulet was blessed.


President Erdogan, on the Corum The 24 June elections in Turkey as 64.6 percent of his average, the AK Party 52 percent, reminding Cumhur Alliance also support 66 percent said he wanted to pay my debt of gratitude to the Corum.

President Erdogan, who asked for the support of the Cumhur Alliance in Corum during the 31st of March elections, stated that he knew Tayyip Erdogan very well, that he knew very well about Corum's struggle with sincerity and vigor for 40 years spent in politics.

Huzur Praise be to Allah. We have been in politics for 40 years. 40 years day and night to remove Turkey on their feet, running around the city and to renew our development, we sweat. Throughout our political life, we have never been to our cities during the election periods. Like the head of the CHP, Corum and Corumlu were not only among those who remembered the election of my brothers on the horizon.


President Erdogan, "Samsun, Ankara, Kirklareli as we serve, Corum, Sivas, Yozgat, Tokat, Amasya, we tried to develop. While serving the Buharaevler, Mimar Sinan, Gulabibey and Karakecili, we did not neglect the lives of those in Mileyu, Bahabey. Bu

President Erdogan, 17 years in the development, growth, development of Corum, although they still work for the development of deficiencies in the bureaucracy, said that the state, some of the intertwined within the state pointed out that there are periods.

Drawing attention to the period of election of politicians to be taken into account, the report cards are presented to the nation, the AK Party before the report they show the nation after the report they said they wanted to leave for the new term.

146 We are producing not only words like opposition, but works, ine said President Erdogan. capacity building dormitories, they will open a dormitory with a capacity of 250 people in Alaca this year, he added.

President Erdogan stated that the construction of the stadium with a capacity of 20 thousand spectators continued in Corum and that they wanted to transform Catak into a center where young people could use and camp, and that they had alleviated the housing need of Corum by realizing 6 thousand 286 housing projects. The area of the land was transformed into a common yard.

President Erdogan stated that they made 1.5 billion pounds of social aid to those in need in Corum, 13 of them built a health facility in the hospital, five health facilities were constructed and eight health facilities were at the stage of project and tender.

Providing information about transportation, irrigation, infrastructure, high-speed train, industry, drinking water, wastewater, agricultural supports in Corum, President Erdogan said that tourism activities will be carried out to introduce Hattusas and AlacahAlyuk.


President Erdogan stressed that Corum is a city that has made a speech about incel gold processing and craftsmanship yap. The Vice President told me about the successes of Corumlu brothers and sisters from the Corum industry. Hopefully we will carry Corum to a very different point in the gold trade de.

"Turkey has for years prevented from using their own SOURCE"

Turkey's many years using its own resources, Erdogan President Pointing prevented from mobilizing its potential, the words continued as follows: "I sometimes did our enemies, we sometimes make the unwary and traitors among us also. In the 1930s, the efforts of people with vision-mission such as Nuri Demirag and Vecihi Hurkus were prevented. Turkey's first arms manufacturers Nuri Killigil, was killed in a suspicious fire. Today our streets than cars, which many countries screwdriver when you can not even manufactured, produced in Turkey by its own means, first local and national car were left to rot Revolution. A handful of comprador headed by the CHP, our country, foreign companies in production, the IMF in the economy, the defense industry, the Western states, loan and financing needs of the usurers were in need. It is the CHP of the National Chief who first introduced our nation to the black market and stocking. The first signatory to the IMF is the CHP. More infancy in Turkey is again undermining the industry moves to the CHP. "

President Erdogan, the CHP mentality "garbage, pits and mud", "3-D" as described by, while serving in Turkey, adding that they always struggled with the CHP mentality.


Corum's hemp cultivation will be held 20 pilot Erdogan, President explaining that one of the provinces that make studies currently required of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, textiles from the pharmaceutical industry, automotive isolation, how you can benefit more in Turkey from this plant that possibility of using hundreds of different areas such as cosmetics announces the investigation.

Sharing the knowledge that hemp farming and production will give priority to the establishment of industry, President Erdogan said that they will resign from the accumulation, experience and capacity of Corum in this field.

President Erdogan emphasized that the 31 March elections were very important for the continuation of all these services and added: un We should not experience a road accident on March 31 to continue the stability, further development of Corum and the Turkish economy to meet the 2023 targets. We must successfully pass 31 March to protect our gains in the fight against terrorism and to fully implement our policies in Syria. These elections will be the bachelor's elections of our country, as well as the election of mayors to our provinces, districts and towns. Hopefully, after the victory in these elections, we will focus on structural reforms for 4.5 years. I am confident in the prudence of my brothers and sisters of Corumlu. Ben

President Erdogan, the AK Party as the 31 March elections Halil Ibrahim Asgin'i reminded the Mayor of Corum for the support of the citizens asked for support.

Corumlilarin "humility, sincerity and diligence of the work of the country hearts," he voiced support for the AK Party, voicing President Erdogan, the provincial and district mayor repeated his request for support for the candidate.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey