Emine Erdo?an: tutmak Keeping the air, water and soil of our country clean is the duty of everyone without exception “

In her speech at the Zero Waste Blue Project Introduction Meeting, Emine Erdogan said, The seas are not for filling with garbage, but for looking and finding inspiration. Surrounded by seas on three sides and extremely rich in river beds, keeping the air, water and soil of our country clean is the duty of everyone without exception .

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan, under the protection of the sea and the presence of water cleaning, Turkey launched across the Blue Zero Waste Project joined the Promotion Meeting. Ziya Kalkavan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in the program addressed to the participants Emine Erdogan addressed, prevention of marine pollution "zero waste project" is one of the important pillars said.

Emine Erdogan stated that the era of today is called information age or technology age ancak but in fact it is the plastic age, and pointed out that the amount of plastic produced in the world has reached 300 million tons in a year and this figure has increased with each passing day.


Emine Erdogan said that the total amount of plastics in the world is estimated to reach 5 billion tons and said, So we're surrounded by plastic. I believe that one of the saddest photographs of this century is the tragedy of the sea turtles and other creatures who died because of entanglement in plastics. This scene is not the usual thing we see on documentary channels. Proof that consumption culture is a way of life that consumes and kills everything around it..

Emine Erdogan stated that the wastes in the sea did not only pollute the seas and that the pollution threatened human health with the fish that swallowed the plastics as food and said, Every year about 8 million tons of garbage is mixed with seas and oceans. You know what that means? A dump truck dumped in the sea in a minute. This is the situation, im he said.


Emine Erdogan explained that 80 percent of marine litter is terrestrial origin, and excessive consumption and unconscious consumption pollute the seas.

Emine Erdogan said, kolay However, not every kind of convenience is good, but disposable plastic tools destroy life rather than make it easier, Em said Emine Erdogan. invited to contribute to the work.


Emine Erdogan, zero waste blue label in Istanbul, the issue is also emphasized that the importance of a separate, emphasizing the need to focus on the cleanliness of the Bosphorus.

Emine Erdogan explained that in 2018, only 4 thousand 613 cubic meters from the sea surface, 19,448 cubic meters from the shores and 15 thousand 432 cubic meters from the beaches were collected by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. pounds of algae cleared. Estuary and stream mouths were cleaned of 79 thousand 766 cubic meters of mud. No need to remind me of the situation years ago. In addition to clean-up works, both sea planes, unmanned aerial vehicles and security cameras were kept under strict control and the ships were prevented from causing marine pollution. 6 thousand 245 students attended training seminars were held. They were told how easy it was not to get dirty before cleaning. What we heard when Orhan Veli closed his eyes and listened to Istanbul, we are working to leave an Istanbul heritage where generations after us can hear and feel. At this point, I would like to thank Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for their efforts.

Emine Erdogan, Let's not forget that there is life at sea. Just like on land and in the air. Human beings are in need of nature not only for their biological continuity, but also for being able to make progress in the way of being and staying human.

Emine Erdogan pointed out that the spiritual rehabilitation of human beings and the peace in their inner world are directly related to the health of nature. Surrounded by seas on three sides and extremely rich in stream beds, keeping our country's air, water and soil clean is the duty of everyone without exception.


Emphasizing that the holiday season has started, Emine Erdogan addressed the citizens who will go to the coastal edges and asked for the cleanliness of the beaches and beaches.

Emine Erdogan, who thanked Deniz Temiz Association-TURMEPA for their support to the campaign and expressed her satisfaction that Sadan Kaptanoglu, the president of the association, is the first woman president of the world shipowners, is proud of the fact that an environmentally friendly Turkish woman is the head of the Baltic and International Maritime Council BIMCO. said that.

Emine Erdogan stated that it is a common heritage of the world with all the beauties and resources of the world and said, Therefore, it is a universal responsibility to convey all these values to future generations with their protection. If we can believe that we can fulfill this responsibility, we are taking solid steps to overcome the environmental crisis.

Emine Erdogan concluded his speech with the words I hope we will remain true to our blue promise to nature forever dog.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey