Emine Erdo?an opened the “You Can Stop” exhibition

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan, Turkey organized by the Regional Environmental Center and TANAP supported by the Social and Environmental Investment Programs "You can stop" was the official opening of the exhibition called recycling.

REC conducted by Turkey and TANAP Social and Environmental Investment Programs (SEIPI) Direct Grant Funding Mechanism to be financed under, "You can stop" from the opening of the recycling exhibition, Emine Erdogan, Environment and Kentpark with the participation of Urban Development Minister Murat Authority was held at the Mall .

Emine Erdogan, "Green Box Road" environmental education project of the extension of the exhibition is implemented, touring with the Minister and his institution, the REC Director Rifat received information Anal Sayman Turkey.

Watching the activities of the students who visited the exhibition in the form of labyrinth, Emine Erdogan also took Hatice Zehra, the seven-month-old daughter of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, to the lap of her and loved and photographed with the children.


The exhibition is implemented within the scope of the Green Box Roads Project, which aims to contribute to the sustainability of these provinces by creating a positive change in the level of awareness, values and behaviors of the students in the nine provinces on the TANAP route through "Education for Sustainable Development".

The exhibition, which will host its visitors at Ankara Kentpark Shopping Center until 30 June, aims to convey the best practices for the story of waste and the solution of the waste problem and to invite everyone to be a part of the solution.

The exhibition will include information on how human activities affect nature and the environment, while glass, paper, plastic and electronic waste generated as a result of consumption habits will be recognized.

Labyrinth exhibition space "Introduction", "Our World and Environmental Threats", "Circular Economy", "Domestic Wastes", "Packaging Wastes", "Electronic Wastes",

"Activity", "Training Hall" and "Exit" consists of a total of nine areas. In the exhibition area, visitors will be able to reach the exit according to their consumption habits and preferences in the formation of wastes.

In the exhibition, it is aimed that how the products used in daily life become "waste" and that the transformation of the waste will be learned by experience of individuals of all ages.

Exhibition and more detailed information about the Green Box project "www.sendurdurabilirsin.org", "www.yesilkutu.org" web pages on Facebook with "@yesilkut the" Twitter "to @recturki" In Instagram'in "You can @sendurdur "accessible from their accounts.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey