Derbas: It’s high time for compromises to keep nation alive

Minister of Social Affairs, Rashid Derbas, said on Monday that it was high time Lebanese political adversaries reached compromises to keep the nation alive, especially in light of the massive disintegration "which only indicates the feebleness of our national body."

"Street escalation in not fruitful and is of no benefit to anyone," Derbas told "Orient" radio station, deeming brandished and chanted slogans the maximum achievement such actions could attain.

However, Derbas said that Free Patriotic Movement MP Gebran Bassil's words hinting to some sort of escalating measures by his political party was not but a protective measure in light of the flaring disintegration nationwide.

"Bassil's stance was far from being negative and didn't aim at disruption," he added.

On another note, the Minister lauded Speaker of the House Nabih Berri's initiatives which aim at facilitating the election of a new Lebanese president.

Also, Derbas regretted the vanishing freedom of choice in Lebanon and acts of linking Lebanon's destiny to foreign negotiations between Russia, Turkey, and the U.S. on the one hand, and Yemen and Dubai on the other.

Touching on the rubbish crisis, the Minister pointed to non-stop attempts to hinder the trash plan that had been previously referred to the Council of Ministers.

"The locals of Kesrwan could negotiate with the region's municipality heads to limit the problem that has resurfaced in their region," he added.

Source: National News Agency