Cyprus hoteliers optimistic of tourism upturn

Hoteliers in Cyprus are optimistic about the island's tourism arrivals numbers this year, noting a steady increase, despite a small initial downturn due to the latest terrorist attacks in the region

Cypriot hoteliers said that after a short hiatus, bookings from the main markets, such as the UK and Russia, are also on the rise, as they unveiled the 43rd Annual General Meeting of the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA), which began in Limassol on Thursday.

The hoteliers noted that although the latest terrorist attacks have had an impact on the industry, it was noted that after a small stagnation, reservations reached the same levels as before. Destinations in the Mediterranean are in high demand, due also to attacks in Turkey.

Hans Koch, the President of EHMA, said that people continue to travel as in the past and noted that similar incidents such as the attacks in Turkey are not expected to affect the industry.

Koch said he was pleased that the AGM is being held for the first time in Cyprus. The topic under discussion will be "Drivers and Trends of Luxury Hospitality".

The organising committee, comprising Cypriot hoteliers, noted that the event is an opportunity to highlight Cypriot hospitality.

Andreas Georgiou, Committee President, said that the goal is to promote local hospitality among the 200 attendees who arrived in Cyprus for this purpose, while adjusting the programme to emphasise Cypriot culture.

EHMA is composed of 440 members from 30 countries, where all of them are General Managers from the most famous hotels in Europe. The Association represents 350 hotels, 90,000 rooms, 70,000 employees and approximately a total turnover of Euros 6 billion a year.

The AGM runs from 7 to 10 April, in Limassol.

Source: In-Cyprus