Coin minted for early Ottoman sultan unearthed in central Türkiye

A coin minted on behalf of Orhan Ghazi, the Ottoman Empire’s second sultan, was found during ongoing archaeological excavations at Karacahisar Castle in Türkiye’s central Eskisehir province.


Karacahisar was the first castle conquered from the Byzantine Empire by Orhan’s father Osman Ghazi, the founder and first sultan of the Ottoman Empire, in 1288.


As the archaeological excavations, which kicked off in 1999, continue at Karacahisar Castle, a team of experts confirmed that the newly unearthed coin dates back to the reign of Orhan Ghazi.


The coin is inscribed with the name of Orhan and the word Tawhid, denoting oneness of God.


Speaking to Anadolu Agency, excavation team leader Hasan Yilmazyasar said Karacahisar Castle holds an extremely important place in Ottoman history.


“One of the gratifying results for us this year is that for the first time the existence of a coin minted on behalf of Orhan Ghazi was unearthed in Karacahisar Castle,” he said.


He added: “We know that there has been a settlement here since the Osman Ghazi period. Historical sources pointed out the settlement, but it had to be archaeologically proven somehow. In this sense, this coin of Orhan Gazi is extremely important to us.”


“These were both pleasing and scientifically meaningful results as very important data for us to understand the history of the period and to define sociocultural and historical relations,” he added.


They plan to continue excavations for about one-and-a-half more months, Yilmazyasar said.


Source: Anadolu Agency