MED AMERICAS � New direct service connecting the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Mexican Gulf and West Coast South America

In a continuous effort to improve service coverage, frequency and reliability, CMA CGM is pleased to announce the revamping of our MGE service becoming the MED AMERICAS, stand-alone CMA CGM service with dedicated fleet of 11 vessels of 2,500 TEU.

Starting with m/v POMERENIA SKY voy. 067MGW for Mexican/US Gulf/Caribbean/West Coast South America origins and m/v ANGOL voy. 071MGW for Mediterranean origins, MED AMERICAS will have the following features:

” A unique offer, with a special focus on the reefer market from Chile, Peru, Ecuador & Colombia to the Mediterranean area.

” Fast transit times: 15 days from Guayaquil to Algeciras, 19 days to Malta

” Optimized connections to Greece, Turkey and Egypt thanks to the alignment of our feeder berthing windows in Malta

” Five new direct calls to West Coast South America: Balboa, Manzanillo (Panama), San Antonio (Chile), Callao (Peru), Buenaventura (Colombia).

Source: CMA CGM