Cabinet Approves 7 International Pacts

Kabul - The cabinet in a session held on Monday approved 7 international pacts which were made with different countries before, calling to put the pacts into effect an important step for expansion of relations with other countries. Calling strategic relations with the world countries in the benefit of Afghanistan, officials of the foreign ministry said, Afghanistan is now at the focal point of the world nations. They stressed that establishment of an international transit hub between Afghanistan and Iran is among the agreements-a move that can strengthen and expand trade relations on one hand and on the other, it can provide transit facilities between the two countries. The second treaty is the draft agreement between Afghanistan's foreign ministry and Doctors without Borders that can pave the way for both sides.

Another agreement is consisted some materials being provided by Turkey, as it can also further bolster relations between the two countries. Likewise, the next agreement is between Afghanistan and Croatia on long-term cooperation which can provide better ways for both countries. Meanwhile, a number of experts on international affairs and the lower house commission on international relations stressed that the agreements are in the interest of the country, adding they can also strengthen relations between Afghanistan and the world countries. They also asked the government to practice them at its earliest. Ali Kazemi, a member of the Wolesi Jirga's commission on international relations said, fortunately, Afghanistan could find a special position among the world countries.

Rangina Kargar, another member of the commission said, the international pacts play significant role in having relations with other world countries, adding the government should also practically step up on what it has promised on good governance, fighting corruption and holding parliamentary and district councils' elections. Abdul Rahman Hakimi, a researcher on Afghanistan and regional affairs believes that having relations with world countries, particularly Iran cannot be void of interest to Afghanistan, adding Chabahar transit port can pave many facilities among the regional countries. A political expert, Akram Andishmand said, 'Afghanistan is an independent country, where has its own constitution and has been formed by people votes, therefore, the world countries are keen to cooperate with Afghanistan in different fields.' This is while that Afghanistan is now at the focal point of the international community and can play an active role in the region.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency