ANKARA, -- British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Tuesday his government was committed to a political transition in Syria in line with UN resolution 2254 and the communique of the Geneva I conference.

Johnson said it was essential to have a sustainable cessation of hostilities in Syria and establishing permanent corridors to deliver humanitarian aid for those in need.

This came in a letter Johnson sent to Anas Al-Abdah, president of the Syrian coalition of revolutionary and opposition forces.

The letter was in reply to a message by Al-Abdah to the foreign ministers of the Syria support group and the British government, in which he called for forcing Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad to stop hostile acts and lift siege on Aleppo and Darayya.

Johnson, whose letter was published by local media, pledged to address the tragic conditions in Aleppo.

Britain, in a UN Security Council session on July 25, called for the delivery of humanitarian aid for the besieged areas in Syria.

Source: Name News Network