Blast rocks hydroelectric power plant in Turkey

An explosion occurred early Thursday at a section of a hydroelectric power plant in Turkey's Sivas province, said an official.

Sivas governor Salih Ayhan told Anadolu Agency that three vehicles were submerged on a highway near the plant, which is located in Koyulhisar district.

Ayhan said six people and two vehicles were rescued from the heavy water.

He said the water was cut off at the plant and the canal locks were closed.

Ambulances, firefighters and teams from the Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) and National Medical Search Team (UMKE) have arrived at the site.

Due to the darkness, it is difficult to work on the stream bed, said the search and rescue team.

Construction machinery is removing the rocks and stones from the highway, which is closed to traffic.

Source: Anadolu Agency