Baris Peace, stability, peace and prosperity of the Balkans are very important for us “

President Erdogan, said in a statement ahead of the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Turkey historical, human, is also a Balkan country with religious and cultural roots. Peace, stability, peace and prosperity of the Balkans are very important for us. Our country does not have the luxury to watch the developments in this geography from a distance. With this understanding, we strive for the preservation of the multicultural fabric and inner peace of the region.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan traveled to Sarajevo to attend the Southeast European Cooperation Process Summit Meeting in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"With historical and cultural roots TURKEY AT THE SAME TIME IS A BALKAN COUNTRIES"

before moving to Sarajevo in statements to journalists at a press conference at Ataturk Airport President Erdogan, Turkey's historical, human, their religious and cultural roots at the same time stating that a Balkan country, "Balkans' peace, stability, peace and prosperity of our is extremely important for. Our country does not have the luxury to watch the developments in this geography from a distance. With this understanding, we strive for the preservation of the region's multicultural texture and inner peace.

Turkey is not only in the bilateral plan, stating that contribute to the maintenance of regional stability through various cooperation platforms of President Erdogan, the Southeast European Cooperation Process, covering the whole of the Balkan countries was pointed out that the only regional cooperation and dialogue platform.

President Erdogan, Turkey's stating that provide significant support since this platform provider, "I hope the Sarajevo Summit, the Balkans, the economy, trade, transportation, we'll discuss cooperation activities, particularly infrastructure investment areas. The integration of the region with the Euro-Atlantic mechanisms is among the topics to be exchanged at the summit.


The process of Turkey as an indication of the importance given to this mechanism 2020-2021 period, emphasizing that he put his candidacy for the Presidency and the nomination is decided at this summit, President Erdogan, will held bilateral talks with the leaders of some other countries, including the Council, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency during a visit to Sarajevo Butmir in He said that the European Union will visit the ALTHEA Headquarters and meet with Turkish soldiers and participate in the official parade in memory of the victims of the Srebrenica genocide in Sarajevo.

President Erdogan said, iz We will also share the sorrows of our Bosnian brothers. 8 thousand 373 on the 24th anniversary of the genocide, which resulted in the martyrdom of our Bosniak brother, I hope we will once again commemorate the memories of the martyrs of the saints. I believe that these visits and contacts will contribute to strengthening our relations with our neighbors in the Balkans..


the then President Erdogan Description Answering journalists' questions, regarding the latest situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey's call-screening study said that the drill ship continued to drink in their roadmaps.

Bazi There may be some disturbing noises from left to right. But this sounds none of us have already announced earlier will not prevent us this way, I'm the same point where today, I say the same thing, "said President Erdogan, the process of Turkey and Northern Cyprus made the emphasis that the Turkish Republic as resolutely continued.

President Erdogan recalled the sensitivities of the G-20 summit to some leaders and said: tabi In Greece, there is an election that ended last night. Mr. Micotakis has now won the election with close to 40 per cent of the vote and has nearly 160 deputies. I called him last night, congratulated him. I hope that we will continue a new process in peace and solidarity in Greece. After the election, of course, we will continue our negotiations through our friends. Our desire, our desire; Let us never experience any difficulties in the Aegean and the Mediterranean in the future.


President Erdogan also asked the question about the delivery of the S-400s. So if you do not force us at this point that date would be appropriate. But the journey preparation, installation work and so on. There are dates, dates, all of which we have already agreed with them. Here too, where the settlement plans will be deployed, the responsibility of this issue is entirely the National Defense, the General Staff, they belong to them, they do the planning, they will do and will bring in front of us. After that, they will come by plane and all S-400s will be deployed there.

President Erdogan, the AK Party has made two meetings with MPs in groups, two meetings to be held on Wednesday and Thursday will complete the consultation process, the Parliament said that they would finish the talks before closing.

President Erdogan said, All our thoughts, our desire; First of all, the Parliament will go to their provinces after the closure of what process they will run deputies, what kind of work will do in their provinces. Because I will immediately start a thank-you visit in August, mainly from the metropolitan cities. There are some opening ceremonies and meetings to come together with our organization. Together with these meetings, I hope that our wish is to have completed 2019 as political activities. Bulundu

President Erdogan, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, after the statements moved.

President Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan also went to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey