“Ayd?n is one of the symbol cities of Turkish existence in Anatolia”

President Erdogan, the AK Party in his speech in Aydin rally, Aydin, the Turkish presence in Anatolia is one of the symbols of the city and in Turkey's industrialization, the breakthrough in the tourism, agricultural production, said that she made a huge contribution to livestock development, "Aydin, yesterday He stood next to Menderes and showed his side in the struggle for democracy. Hopefully, Aydin will take its place in our country's survivor's struggle today In.

President and President of the AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 31 March Local Administration Elections campaign in the scope of the rally in the City of Ataturk addressed the citizens of the rally.


Erdogan began his speech by saluting President Aydinli, explaining the heroism of Aydinli EFE, "Turkey has the spirit of this square. Our civilization has roots in this square. The smell of our geography in this square. Walking in this square when the mountains are walking, the hearts of the enemies released by fear, the trigger of the body touches the trigger of the body Efeler Efeler "said.

Aydin, is one of the symbol cities of the existence of Turks in Anatolia and in Turkey's industrialization, the breakthrough in the tourism, agricultural production, animal husbandry development Voicing is a city with a very great contribution of President Erdogan, "Aydin, in yesterday stood by the Menderes struggle for democracy she had given her footsteps. Hopefully, Aydin will take its place in our country's survivor's struggle today iz.

President Erdogan, dertlenmek vessel for Turkey the study, stating that everyone fees of the factors to serve Turkey, "the bricks did not put bricks for this country, there is demolition team that has been signing one better service or ... Here she began demolition team again, hands rubbing . Their single project for the future of Turkey, one plan, there is no one dreams. For this, the CHP, the party under the PKK-led, with them until another party allegedly allegedly nationalism can come together, Bun he said.


President Erdogan said that the main opposition party had marched with the political representatives of the terrorist organization, and that they were friends with another party that claimed nationalism. Yur Tell me your friend, tell you who you are. You're looking at the other side of the Felicity Party, he walks in moments, arm in arm. Four, these four gangs are walking together lu.

President Erdogan recalled that the AK Party and the MHP had gathered in the President's Alliance and told that this alliance was established with the spirit of Yenikapi after the coup attempt on July 15th. He said that the parties opposing the Cumhur Alliance were making politics over the prices of onions and potatoes in the last elections, and they started to talk about the prices of tomatoes and peppers in the past. I did my Mehmet, Mehmetcigim destroy these terrorists with their tanks, guns and guns? Did he destroy DEASH? Did he destroy the PKK? I'm calling out to the potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, bibucers now, do you know what that one bullet costs? Where do you think they came from? Our helicopters to Gabar, Cudi, Tendurek mountains, Have you calculated what our F-16s are when they fly? Mr. Kemal, stop talking about this. March 18, 1915 Do you know the spirit of Canakkale? Do you know how our Mehmetler in the spirit of Canakkale divided a bowl of soup? do not understand. Here we will, together with you, on March 31, we will give them a lesson. Iste

President Erdogan, currently natural gas, electricity prices in the sale of that visit, 81 provinces over the entire county of the that natural gas is taken to the semi, stressing that they built a modern Turkey, the main opposition party of Turkey's shortage of solutions to contribute instead of giving nearly come to pray crisis for sinking the country said .

LA Necessary measures were taken for combat with the

The receipt of necessary measures to combat opportunistic, old Turkey voicing making deals in the nation to those who longed President Erdogan, "my brother, O committed to the CHP, we were trying to overthrow per-Fitr, the icazetl terrorist network in Kandil choose to establishing the alliance on March 31 won't you teach? This party, which is in arm and arm with the terrorist organizations, is no longer a party of Gazi Mustafa Kemal. This party is not the party in which Menderes is the Provincial Chairman, and the party it is a deputy. The expression of the people in the name of the CHP is nothing but the usurpation of the name of the nation. This party is only the party of Kilicdaroglu'nun and avaresinin '' he said.


Cumhur Alliance of Turkey's survivability struggle within the framework of striking founded in the struggle sequel shoulder to shoulder with President Erdogan, "Well, this humiliation alliance of you, how, with whom this malady alliance, in what way have set up? I ask each member of my nation, how you come to your door and those who want support from the CHP, the PKK, FETO, the party, this party can come together and establish such an alliance bir he said.

President Erdogan, in 1994, started the local development of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality since 2004 by continuing to raise the bar under the umbrella of the AK Party by telling continuous, humility, sincerity and diligence "home country, hearts," he said they open new horizons in municipalism.

President Erdogan reminded the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Nationalist Movement Party, the partner of the Cumhur Alliance. I congratulate all my MHP brothers and sisters on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their party here, Cumhur he said.

Since 1969 MHP established all of Turkey and the unity of the Turkish nation, draw the state stressed that the party emerged with a survival President Erdogan continued: "In every period of the attack on Turkey's integrity concentrated, MHP brothers especially Mr. Garden, at the expense of people with the nation, the state has come. As everywhere else, those who lost their way here, of course, have been looking for other channels. But since our youth, the vein we know, who we know, our friends, our friends, has always remained upright, and today is still standing under the leadership of Mr. Bahceli. When the terrorists of the FETO betrayal gang began to band-fight with helicopters, helicopters, tanks and weapons on July 15, Together with all the members of our nation, together with the AK Party and the Nationalist Movement Party, they found this President's Alliance. We know that among our martyrs and veterans, yes, we have brothers and sisters from these two parties. S


President Erdogan said that 23.5 billion liras have been invested in Aydin in the last 16 years; the tender process is continuing.

President Erdogan stated that the train line of Afyon-Denizli-Isparta-Burdur and Ortaklar-Aydin-Denizli was 100 percent domestic and nationally modernized by the software of TABITAK. noted.

He added that 11 dams and seven ponds had been constructed in Aydin and that the construction of four dams and ten lakes was continuing. President Erdogan continued to meet the water with 256,000 decar of land which is still under construction. Aydin city center with its Ikizdere Dam and 30 settlements where , and the need for industrial water is met.

President Erdogan, Aydinli farmers in 16 years, approximately 4 billion pounds of agricultural support has been given, Aydin, a technopark, eight research-development, three design centers, establishing a total of 31 thousand people employment, 81 thousand Aydinli employers also provide incentive support to the amount of 911 million pounds he pointed.

President Erdogan explained that they will establish the sales outlets especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and thus they will deliver the products directly from the producer to the consumer and will prevent the price increase.


President Erdogan, before arriving in Aydin, said that he visited the area where the building collapsed in Kartal and pointed out the importance of urban transformation. President Erdogan continued:, But this building is unlicensed and has no housing. And they started on three floors, eight floors, ten floors. There is a danger of collapse. And 17 of my citizens were martyred here, 14 of them wounded, and now there are a few more under the rubble. If there was urban transformation and change, if they had been planned, if it had not been illegal, would they come? Now our patience has overflowed, we no longer have the patience to wait. We will enter into intensive work together with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, especially the AK Party municipalities, and after the debris has been completely removed, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice,


Expressing that Aydin is not in the right place in tourism, President Erdogan added that they will provide alternative sources such as geothermal energy to the city in the field of tourism.

Menderes River waste disposal facilities in the future of the children of the future of the polluting President Erdogan, all institutions to show sensitivity on this issue, the Metropolitan Metropolitan and district municipalities have very important tasks, he said.

Aydinli of "homeland work, peace work," he Cumhur who want to support the Alliance's candidate, President Erdogan, after 31 March elections will be entered into the very fast and intense performance period, Turkey Turkey, he said surely 2023 will reach their destination.

President Erdogan ended his speech by introducing mayor candidates for the Cumhur Alliance.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey