aReputation Expands Professional ORM Services to the MENA Region Business Market

LONDON and NEW DELHI, April 7, 2016/PRNewswire/ — aReputation, a leading Indo-UK digital engagement agency, is now expanding its ORM solutions to the MENA region business market. There have been critical instances in several regions like MENA where businesses have massively suffered on their reputation due to social media exploitation and misuse of other Internet tools.

Reaffirming the need for professional online reputation management in the global context, Mohit Panicker, official spokesperson for aReputation [ ] , said, “Digital cosmos holds immense importance for the business world today with customer reviews, user blogs and comments deciding on how a brand is perceived by its target audience. Enterprises are suffering due to a bunch of misleading comments/reviews, building a disastrous image for them. Professional ORM solutions act as a crucial saving grace in such difficult scenarios.”

aReputation offers holistic ORM solutions to ensure complete digital wellness for a brand. Having catered to multiple business sectors, its team is equipped with ample knowledge, skills and reliable resources to handle multiple cases successfully. With its offerings primarily classified under aTrack, aConsult and aRepute, it provides assistance with regards to the branding of a company’s image, rectifying the negatives of a brand online and keeping track of a company’s overall online existence. aReputation has exclusive patent technology and is experienced in providing expert ORM solutions for both the English and Arabic websites.

Business dynamics are altering fast; the market is unstable due to unexpected events. Companies have come to terms with the inevitable importance of the virtual world. Just like UAE was recently hit by a fierce storm, damaging its property and people, the virtual world is only a replica of the physical one. Similar storms can effectively destroy businesses, tarnishing a brand’s reputation in minutes while pushing it into a mud pool of negatives online.

Mohit added, “Digital wellness ensures that a brand never ends up in a desperate situation needing crisis management rather is always prepared well in advance.”

About aReputation:

aReputation is a pioneer in the field of ORM; it offers exclusive ORM and digital PR services [ ]. It was set up in 2013 in New Delhi, India and established a marketing arm in London, UK shortly. It is prominently referred to as an Indo-British firm and has served a wide global clientele. It works on the three pillars of repairing, branding and monitoring the online image of a business.

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Mohit Panicker