Annual Conference of Chinese TV Shopping Industry was Held in Beijing

GHS Ranking the Top in the Industry in Two Growth Rates

BEIJING, Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Under the guidance of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and Commerce Ministry of China, the annual conference of China’s TV shopping industry themed “Quick Action, Universal Quality” was hosted by China Home Shopping Alliance and held by Global Home Shopping (GHS) in Beijing. Staff from more than 30 domestic TV shopping channels, various TV shopping partners and experts came to Beijing to communicate their up-to-date ideas in respect of the media retail industry with each other. At the awards ceremony, GHS received many rewards including the golden award for national channel special program, award for excellent visual packaging, and award for innovative marketing.

In China the industry is also facing big challenges. In the last year, GHS took the lead in entering the intelligent large screen TV shopping sector and expanded its channels through media convergence, forming an omni media layout. Currently, GHS has obtained more than 70% of the market share in the intelligent large screen sector.

As a rising young company in the TV shopping industry, it cost GHS only 4 years to develop into a level that may cost others a decade, and its enterprise and APP growth rates have ranked top in the industry. When asked about how could people reform the industry and make breakthroughs in the future, Jason Kong, the president of GHS said, “To solve bottlenecks and to transform and upgrade, it’s necessary for the industry to transform from non-mainstream to mainstream. And to do so, the industry should focus on the market and practice under the guidance of innovation.”

Jason Kong, the chairman of GHS

Meanwhile, the China’s TV Shopping Industry White Paper and the Investigation Report on TV Shopping Consumers were issued in the ceremony. The former stated that, the industry’s total sales accounted for less than 1% in total retail sales of consumer goods, demonstrating the industry still has a long way to go compared with mature overseas markets. The latter showed that consumers’ recognition on TV shopping has changed and most of them think TV shopping is close to life, affordable and reliable. This change has greatly helped the industry rebuild its image and confidence.

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