“Ankara, Turkey’s structure in our city brings together all the colors and riches”

President Erdogan, in his speech at the opening ceremony in Kecioren, "Ankara, Turkey in all its colors, our site brings together all the riches of the city. Ankara, on July 15, is a city that wrote epics by defending its independence and future. Ankara is a city that opens its heart to all domestic and national things from politics to industry.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the citizens at the opening ceremony held in KeciAlren Kalaba Square.

President Erdogan underlined that this place has a special place in the heart of KeciAlren because of his long-term residence in KeciAlren. He said that they lived in a really friendly neighborhood atmosphere.


President Erdogan stated that he came to go to relieve his neighbors with his neighbors, and that the total investment cost of Kecioren Municipality was 190 million pounds and 26 pencil service of Ankara Governorate said that the investment cost of 143 million TL and seven educational institutions have been added to the district.

President Erdogan pointed out that one of the investments in KeciAlren Municipality is Gumusdere Valley and added that with this project, a different color will be added to KeciAlren's social life and Kartaltepe City Forest will be an area where citizens can enjoy their time with pleasure.

President Erdogan, today officially opened with the Yukseleltepe Urban Transformation Project in 451 citizens reported that the homes, sports centers, cultural centers, monuments from the head office and taxi buildings, from the neighborhood markets to restorations, many services have been completed by the Municipality of KeciAlren.


In recent days, vegetables, fruit on the prices striking a new game played in Turkey's President Erdogan, "This one terrorist was the blow, how Gauge against terrorism, the Cudia, how if we enter into in the Tendurek, it vegetable, fruit, food terrorism estirenlarere yes now with the municipalities through the sale of sales, establishing the neighborhood markets, especially in Ankara-Istanbul, as of today we started to sell cheap products. Currently, this work has started in Ankara under the presidency of the Metropolitan Municipality. Prices are almost half down. Halk Ekmek'da Istanbul, Ankara, how the cheap bread we have given to the home of our citizens, if we have now, vegetables, fruits, all kinds of products, we will not stay with them, cleaning materials will enter this. We will break the game together.

President Erdogan, Kecioren, always managed by the successful mayor of the shanty city of the shantytowns become the shining star of the city, the 10-year mayor Mustafa Ak'in Mustafa Turgut, said the task will be transferred to Turgut Altinok, Erd Turgut brother, 1994-2009 between KeciAlren by realizing the great transformation in today's KeciAlren laid the foundations. Now we've invited him back. Hopefully after March 31, Mustafa Ak will take our district from where our brother left off and will carry KeciAlren further with his conception of heart municipality. In


Reminding that Ankara was a city governed by the Independence War, President Erdogan said, u Ankara is our city which has established our republic. Ankara, the late Menderes, the late Ozal'ya is our city. Ankara, Turkey in all its colors, our site brings together all the riches of the city. Ankara, on July 15, is a city that wrote epics by defending its independence and future. Ankara is the city that opens its heart to all national and national things. Above all, Ankara is our capital, it is our baby Baskent.

The main opposition party in the past several years in this election has nominated a candidate, the AK Party in a province like Kayseri five times as the mayor of the province, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization successfully managed a name that Mehmet Ozhaseki nominated President Erdogan said, nominated in Turkey, who proved himself nominated Turgut Altinok'u nominated.

President Erdogan said,, CHP has a special feature, with whom to hold hands with whom? Qandil supported HDP, Good Party, Felicity and FETO, walking hand in hand with them. They have a zillet alliance, they have a provincial alliance, Bunlar he said.

President Erdogan, who talked about the establishment process of the Cumhur Alliance, emphasized that this alliance will continue until the grave, not until the market.

President Erdogan emphasized that patriotism and nationalism were not random events. This is not to lower the bar in the municipal services with these candidates, on the contrary, to support the support of the people of Ankara to make more iz was found in the evaluation.

"We grew to the defense industry in Turkey to the targets"

"Turkey's many problems, there are of course many shortages, but I suppose that is a matter which one comes at the beginning of the CHP," said President Erdogan continued as follows: "Yesterday emerged person at the beginning of the CHP's still trying to stir up a lot of zirvayl to our nation's head. He considers the parties that the CHP is an alliance, but the main party and the organization behind it, the terrorist organization, the separatist terrorist organization is hiding. However, they did the big alliance with the party led by the separatist organization. How do we know? We know from the statements made by the terrorists in Qandil. This man is talking about solutions, whereas both Turkey's biggest problem was not the news itself but also we understand from the discussions of the party to solve. He said Turkey is delivered to the pawnbroker. The greatest usurer in the world is the IMF. So, who made the first agreement with the IMF in this country? The Republican People's Party did. In this country, the IMF has made the biggest deal? Again the team on the same head. Who has been driving this country for years at the IMF gates? CHP has crept. So, who were rescued from the clutches of the IMF Turkey? We saved him. If we look at what you say to the CHP, if the first job they will do if they seized the country's leadership, Turkey will be re-submitted to the IMF. '

President Erdogan insisted on using the legacy of Ataturk in the world for the purpose of being the only party of the bank's shareholder. What does he say? 'We don't take money from there'. There are four members of the Board of Directors, it is not clear what the members are doing there. But we will take it in accordance with the steps of Gazi and this share will be transferred to the Treasury sooner or later, Ama he said.

accordingly they grew the goals of the defense industry in Turkey, they had claimed nativism which is 20 percent when they came to work 65-70 per cent of recurrent President Erdogan, "pallet factory in Arifeye talking about us sell, even in the talks we sell to foreigners. Not your tongue. Such a sale is out of the question. Only Qatar and 50-50 Turkish partnerships have been transferred to this establishment for 25 years. We can take these steps if the state is not able to carry it out and we need to throw it here more successfully Devlet.


President Erdogan drew attention to the remaining period of the March 31st elections and asked all the AK Party organizations to work intensively. President Erdogan said, i As Ziya Pasha said, bak The work of the ayinesi shall not be respected in the work of the visible rank of the person. Cumhurbaskani We will protect the crates and chests will not give the slightest opportunity to waste, Sand he completed his speech.

After the opening ceremony, President Erdogan opened a private hospital in KeciAlren.

Source: Presidential Office of the Republic of Turkey