Anadolu Agency attends MINDS International conference

Anadolu Agency on Friday participated in an international conference gathering 23 of the world's leading news providers in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Hosted by the Portuguese LUSA News Agency in Lisbon, members of the MINDS International conference discussed multiple issues ranging from common problems they faced to the latest innovations in the sector.

The participants exchanged information on digital communications, new marketing approaches and technological innovations.

Representing Anadolu Agency, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Ural Yesil and Information and Communication Technologies Director Yakup Sivka took part in the event, which was organized biannually in one of its member countries.

Speaking at the conference, Sivka spoke about the differences between satellite and internet technologies in the live broadcasting sector.

He underlined that new opportunities had emerged for live broadcasts as they had now come to be done online.

Sivka said Anadolu Agency has been using the internet instead of satellite systems for all broadcasts since the beginning of 2018 thanks to the application developed by a local company.

With the new system, Anadolu Agency is capable of sending four live broadcasts at once to its subscribers, who are then able to choose whichever feed they want, Sivka said.

Sivka also said that conducting the whole process over the internet provides the opportunity to broadcast live anywhere the internet is available.

Anadolu Agency has been a member of "MINDS International" since May 2014.

Source: Anadolu Agency