AK Party: Ex-SDF man exposed the PKK/PYD terror games

Recent remarks by a defector from the SDF on U.S. support for the terrorist PKK/PYD and the group's alliance with Daesh show the games being played in the guise of fighting Daesh, according to Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party.

AK Party spokesman Mahir Unal made the remarks to reporters in the capital Ankara during the party's Central Executive Board (MYK) meeting.

Unal said former SDF spokesman Talal Silo's revelations to Anadolu Agency were discussed during the gathering.

What Silo said was extremely remarkable in terms of uncovering what games are beomg played in the region, and what they actually want to do in the name of 'fighting Daesh', Unal told reporters.

Silo spoke to Anadolu Agency last week after defecting from the SDF, an armed Syrian group dominated by the terrorist PKK/PYD.

Silo revealed details of the U.S. military's support to the PKK/PYD, also known as the YPG, and deals struck in the guise of combating Daesh.

Despite Turkey's objections, the U.S. has provided the PKK/PYD with arms, calling it an ally in the fight against Daesh, but ignoring its terrorist group status.

Those who, through Turkey's opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP), accused Turkey of supporting Daesh have actually been cooperating with Daesh, Unal said.

The relation between the terrorist PKK and SDF has been clearly deciphered by Silo, he added.

The PYD and its military YPG wing are Syrian branches of the PKK, which has waged war against Turkey for more than 30 years.

Since the PKK launched its terror campaign in Turkey in 1984, tens of thousands of people have been killed, including more than 1,200 since July 2015 alone.

The U.S. and the coalition have largely ignored the PYD/PYG links to the PKK, which the U.S., EU, and Turkey list as a terrorist group.

Source: Anadolu Agency