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‫آي تي سي غلوبال تحوز على تجديد لعقد مع مؤسسة بلان إنترناشيونال لتوفير الاتصالات لـ 24 موقعا في غرب ووسط أفرقيا

الثلاثي السنوات يأتي بعد الفوز بعدة عقود تدعم مهمات المنظمات غير الحكومية في أفريقيا والشرق الأوسط

هيوستن، 9 آذار/مارس، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة آي تي

Women recount torture in Assad regime prisons

Former prisoners recall their suffering in bid to shine light on those still being held


Pleading for help for their fellow detainees, women who once languished in Syrian …

First meeting to mend US-Turkey ties ends

Meeting was 'positive' and collaborative work will continue, diplomatic sources tell Anadolu Agency


A meeting of the first of three technical committees of Turkey and the U.S. aimed at …

Turkey, US to discuss stabilization of Manbij

Working groups have been formed to discuss the stabilization of Syrian cities east of the Euphrates


Turkey and the U.S. have established working groups to discuss the stabilization of …

Turkish agency renovates mosque in Chile’s capital

As-Salam Mosque -- Chile's first -- renovated at direction of Turkish president during visit to country in 2016


A mosque in Chile's capital Santiago has been renovated by …

3,195 terrorists ‘neutralized’ in Turkey’s Afrin op

Turkish military continues to clear Afrin, northwestern Syria of YPG/PKK-Daesh terrorists as part of Operation Olive Branch


A total of 3,195 terrorists have been "neutralized" since the start of …