2017 BPT kicks off to a grand start

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boyaa Poker Tour continues expanding its reputation with a new season. The poker festival is attracting the best players from Greater China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Online qualifiers will be played from October 28 to November 1, and the winners will meet up in Macau to fight for 6 million HKD.

In this 2017 season, the BPT committee is bringing substantial changes regarding rewards, competition zones, and organization. All meant to increase the professional spirit of the event.

1. Boosted rewards

This year, BPT is putting up 6 million HKD for the prize pool, no less than 1.2 million HKD for the champion, a payout bubble reaching the top 200, and 425 billion chips for the top 300.

You asked, and Boyaa answered: More money, more opportunities and more excitement for 2017.

2. Tournament organization upgrades

The competition has been expanded to 5 days of exciting Side Activities and a Main Event divided into Day 1 (group A), Day 2 (group B), Day 3, 4 (semifinals) and Day 5 (final).

Day 1 starts on October 28 and the final on November 1.

Be smart. Be cool. But don’t forget that only the bravest will fight for the 1.2 million HKD final prize.

3. Challenge the world: Anywhere

Boyaa Interactive wanted a place for poker players to exchange ideas and skills. BPT was born in 2015. Now, Boyaa is going fully international with the “BPT Global Satellite Game”, where winners get an invitation for the Macau Final. BPT 2017 Hanoi and  BPT 2017 Dublin are now two realities. Two new places for poker players around the World to compete and have fun.

On August 21 Boyaa Texas Poker launched its online qualifiers in the Middle East. Thanks to this system, players all over the world can compete online and get an invitation for the 2017 Macau Final.

Boyaa Interactive organized the first BPT in 2015, reaching 2.2 million players in its online qualifiers. In 2016, the BPT brand was consolidated, and now Boyaa is expanding its vision of having the best international healthy card game environment.

Don’t miss it. Come with us and be part of the BPT legend.

BPT website: www.bpt.net
See more infomations of BPT on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoyaaPokerTour/