Top US information security officer probes voter fraud

The US federal government’s chief information security official said he has voluntarily joined a private voter fraud investigation group, the Voter Integrity Fund, to evaluate the Nov. 3 election results, according to a report on Monday.

“Voter Integrity should matter to everyone, and a failed or flawed contest undermines the legitimacy of our democracy,” Camilo Sandoval told CNN. “As a volunteer on this project and former campaign political data scientist, I am leveraging my skills to bring further transparency and accountability to our electoral process by rigorously modeling and evaluating publicly available election results.”

“The results of our findings should be fascinating to everyone, Republican or Democrat,” added Sandoval — an appointee of President Donald Trump, after taking leave from his day job for the new endeavor.

Matt Braynard, the founder of the Voter Integrity Fund, also told CNN the group has found some evidence of irregularities such as voters illegally voting across state lines without making any evidence public.

Trump vows legal action for allegations of widespread voter fraud, demanding recounts in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, US President-elect Joe Biden is expected to press ahead with Cabinet picks despite Trump’s reluctance to concede.

Source: Anadolu Agency