82 suspected smugglers held in Turkey

Turkish police held at least 82 suspects on Monday as part of the ongoing anti-smuggling operations across the country, officials and sources said.

As many as 47 suspects were rounded up in the southeastern Sirnak province, according to a statement by the governorate.

Nearly 21 kilograms of heroin, over 18 grams of methamphetamine, 9.42 grams of marijuana and 1,479 packs of cigarettes were also seized, the press release added.

Meanwhile, 28 suspects were held in the southwestern Mugla province against whom legal proceedings are underway, according to a source.

Eight historical coins, two unlicensed shotguns, two magazines (ammunition storage and feeding device) and 21 cartridges were seized, the source said on the condition of anonymity​​​​​​​.

Police also seized two liters of counterfeit alcohol, 95 liters of ethyl alcohol, 87 liters of homemade wine, 27,560 macarons, 309 kilograms of fake tobacco items, 698 non-custom paid cigarette papers, four packs of contraband hookah tobacco, and two contraband mobile phones.

Separately, seven suspects were detained in the capital Ankara for production of illegal and counterfeit chemicals, a security source said.

Police seized nearly 1.2 tons of ethyl alcohol, 1,200 liters of antiseptic, 259 liters of cologne and over 40,000 medical drugs, the insider added.

Source: Anadolu Agency